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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a powerful sultan wanted to build a wonderful palace, The sultan sent his royal vizier to the land of consultants across the sea of deliveries, to look for what was needed for this endeavour. The vizier himself was a great constructor who built many buildings before he was appointed a vizier.

The vizier went to the most famous guild of all the land the “BIM´s guild”, where all of the great masons worked. The guild’s grandmaster welcomed the vizier, and listened to and the sultan’s needs. He promised the vizier to complete the project in half of the time usually needed to build a palace of this size. The vizier full of happiness and pride directly sent a message to the sultan telling him the palace’s completion date.

The next day the vizier noted that there was no activity at the port; no ships loading materials, no craftsmen are waiting to board, it was too quiet!!! he go devastated, and got worried about his image in front the sultan. He then stormed into the grandmaster’s workshop saying:

” Is this how you gonna complete the project in half of the time?!!

The grandmaster calmly looked back to him and responded:

“Your excellency, after a meeting with the trade masters we have summoned all the craftsmen needed for the project. We are currently teaching them to communicate in the same language, giving them the project brief and what to expect. In the meantime, our senior workers are currently estimating the necessary materials quantities and specifications, also the needed number of ships, and horses to move them”

The Vizier immediately responded:”

What is there to calculate? We are always using with the same materials: stones, wood, and glass. And about that teaching thing?!!! just have some informed supervisors and they will lead the others!! I told you yesterday that the sultan is willing to pay anything needed to get this done as soon as possible. so go ahead and load the ships with as much as you can, materials and men RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!! “

The grandmaster looked at him and calmly replied:

 Let me ask you something, since you are experienced in this field, how many times did a project got delayed because of the use of faulty size of wooden supports? Or because some ornaments that didn’t fit in their designated locations? And how many times the work was redone because of workers applying techniques based on their personal experience? which might not be the best for the project in hand. Even worse, accidents can happen because of the miscommunication between the supervisor and his team members. We are planning to insure the efficiency of the process.”

The grandmaster taking a puff from his hooka continued:

” My dear vizier, the BIM’s guild is the best, not because of our rapid pace, but because our steady and planned, work

Overwhelmed by the grandmaster’s answer, the vizier decided to keep his thoughts to himself for now, but keep a close eye on the project…..

To Be Continued…

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