Everyone uses the internet, Across the world, the internet continues to transform how we connect with others. As of 2017, there was an estimated 3.9 billion Internet users worldwide.

One Of the Aspects we should all consider using the internet, is the saftey and security of our information. below are 11 tricks and recomendation to stay safe.

1- Make Sure Who is contacting you: some people impersonate other people or entities to run scams and collect victims information

2 – Keep away from crazy emails : the same tactics of the above but usually on a larger scale

3 – Don´t wonder around the internet : don´t surf anywhere or download dangerous stuff

4 – Use private mode whenever necessary: try to use privarte browsing on public computers.

5- Install a free antivirus: because shit happens even if you are careful, there is no harm installing a free antivirus

6 – Check the SSL certificate: always look for the word “https” in the web-address

7 – don’t use 1 password of your online accounts: keep unique passwords for your important accounts and change them regularly

8- don’t press “Grant Access” without understanding: when your computer asks for permission, don’t just press ok!!

9 – Use 2 factors authentication: either through and app or through SMS, 2 factors authentication is a good way to protect your accounts

10- Use VPN : mainly to hid your location and then to encrypt the data

11 – Install Virtual Machine: if you must download dangerous material or go to suspicious sites, it is very recommended that you do this from a virtual machine

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