“If you swallow it can’t hurt you!!”

Looking to this global phenomenon, and the social changes and reorganization, starting from the obligatory work from home policy to the complete cities shut down. I asked myself a question: “Why Don’t we use to our benefit ?”

It is actually possible to learn from this crisis and lay down the way for a new phase in the human civilization that I will be calling for now reattachment revolution, where we reconnect with our families and immediate surrounding and disconnect from workplaces, rush hours, queues … you got the point! And to do this we need to do a couple of things

No more white-collars, just flip-flops!

This sector will be my main aim in this article. people who need a desk and computer to work. some may say “but already we have that work from home policy !! ”. Well, let me answer that in three parts, number one: these are the exceptions and from a point of experience the majority of small-medium companies even on European territories are not in favor of these measures, maybe for the lack of advanced monitoring and quality control methods or maybe something else. The second part is that working from home even for the most avant-garde entities still the exception or an emergency contingency. The last part is that neither our homes nor our minds are not designed to host this kind of activity. we all remember that guy when his children barged into the room when he was doing a TV interview. In my opinion, his panic and this situation say a lot of things that we should address to improve our work from home culture.

Credit BBC news (Thanks!!)

New home, less roads, more internet

What I am suggesting is a total makeover to our cities, an urban design based on clustering, sponsoring mixed uses, no city center or business districts but a group of hubs distributed within the city, for a company instead of leasing a 200 sq. m office space, but three spaces of 40 sq. m where the presence of the employees is occasional. Also reinforcing the infrastructure with more communication means, and fewer transportation means, let’s just keep the roads for road trips and family journeys, not going back and forth from work. Finally, the house that supports working from home is key, I don´t have to sit on the dining table in front of the bathroom hearing the flush every five minutes. maybe a room within the house, or smart living room, or even a co-working within the building’s amenities equipped with agronomic furniture and high-speed Internet and a coffee maker.

Mind is key

What are we living now is the proof of what I am suggesting and what needs to be done. The hard part is changing what we are used to doing, and believing that we could be as productive as it needs to be.

finally using the time that I should be using to get back from work, I wrote this article, looking for ways to benefit from the crisis. Or maybe thinking positively and to keep the hope and faith in humanity.

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