Video: 11 Tips to Protect Yourself Online

Everyone uses the internet, Across the world, the internet continues to transform how we connect with others. As of 2017, there was an estimated 3.9 billion Internet users worldwide. One Of the Aspects we should all consider using the internet, is the saftey and security of our information. below are 11 […]

A BIM’s Tale, The Sultan’s Palace

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a powerful sultan wanted to build a wonderful palace, The sultan sent his royal vizier to the land of consultants across the sea of deliveries, to look for what was needed for this endeavour. The vizier himself was a great […]

How Should We Use Coronavirus Outbreak to Draw a Future for Mankind

“If you swallow it can’t hurt you!!” Looking to this global phenomenon, and the social changes and reorganization, starting from the obligatory work from home policy to the complete cities shut down. I asked myself a question: “Why Don’t we use to our benefit ?” It is actually possible to learn […]

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