So, you have decided to explore BIM in general and Revit in particular. and like any other new domain, you are having a serie of questions and suspicions. Here are some Revit common Questions, a complete Beginner’s Guide.

Why BIM ? And Why Revit?

Building information modelling more of a process that a group of softwares used to design the project. In a single line in focuses on the integrated collaboration between design team members, from the early stages of the design up till operation and maintenance

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Which is Faster, BIM or CAD?

There is no short answer to this question. but let me put that way; If you have a well planned multi-trade process, well organised and well trained team. Using BIM well be definitely much faster better coordinated work.

Can I work Smoothly with Other Programs?

Being released by Autodesk, Revit has great compatibility with other programs. Linking files is a great way to work simultaneously with several programs. Every new version brings more linking capabilities with revit.

Can I do Complex Shapes?

Yes, it´s possible to model almost any shape that could be built. each new version brings more in this field. Either by massing, parametric design or even the recently added slanted walls you can model what you want.

Can I Use Revit to design all disciplines and phases?

in Theory yes, Revit brings a complete package. However the practice demonstrate that it is much efficient to use other programs. specially in the engineering disciplines. That may be referred to the immaturity of some tools. Or due the incapacity to meet code requirement( the last statement needs to be verified)

What’s better working in English or my native language?

Revit comes with pre-installed language packs, switching the interface language is very easy. Also you should know that the keyboard shortcuts do not change between interfaces.

Changing Language Interface from Shortcut Properties

I recommend to get used to the English interface, because some of the Dynamo scripts work only with the English Interface.

How professional do I need to be to produce something?

Revit is too huge to be Grasped from a course, you need to learn the basics and the rest will come with practice. Also because ni real life the roles in the team are separated.

How to Download and install Revit for Free?

Autodesk now provides students license for revit not only for university student, but for anyone who wants to learn or teach the program. Another cool thing about student license that it doesn’t leave a stamp like the AutoCAD educational version.

Where Can I Get Blocks libraries ?

In my opinion the installed libraries are very basic. Maybe sufficient for learning. Recommended other free sources are BIMobject and RevitCity

Where Can I Get a good Online Course ?

There are many online platforms where you can get a descent training. For free content YouTube is full of tutorials and courses. For paid content there is and Both have a very good courses which you can take your first serious stepes

Congratulations !!! These were revit common questions A beginner’s guide, I hope you liked it!! Keep Learning about Revit and BIM. Good luck in this wonderful journey. Don’t forget to check out our other Bim Related post

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