A Roadmap to BIM Skillsets for Every Career Stage

**Excerpt: Navigating BIM Skills Across Career Stages**

Welcome to the dynamic world of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), where Building Information Modeling (BIM) reigns supreme. If you’re curious about what skills to acquire and which software to master, this article is your roadmap. From entry level to top management, we’ll navigate the BIM landscape, tailored to each career stage. Join us as we unveil the evolving importance of BIM skills and guide you toward a successful journey in the AEC industry.

Revit Common Questions- A Beginner’s Guide.

So, you have decided to explore BIM in general and Revit in particular. and like any other new domain, you are having a serie of questions and suspicions. Here are some Revit common Questions, a complete Beginner’s Guide. Why BIM ? And Why Revit? Building information modelling more of a […]

Tutorial: Use Revit Generative Design & Dynamo

This 2 videos Tutorial is your first step to Revit 2021 generative design with Dynamo. The first video presents an impression on the newly added generative design tool to the 2021 version, also trying one of the provided example (maximize views). The second video will present how to edit another […]

A BIM’s Tale, The Sultan’s Palace

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a powerful sultan wanted to build a wonderful palace, The sultan sent his royal vizier to the land of consultants across the sea of deliveries, to look for what was needed for this endeavour. The vizier himself was a great […]

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