Revit Dynamo-Filling Parameter From Excel Download Free

A bundle of two dynamo script  to fill object parameters from Excel file.  it can be used to entire Categories ( Rooms, Spaces, Sheets, Data Device … etc.) . It also can be used to all instance of a family type. The Zip file contains two scripts and the excel. […]

Download Generative Design Example – 2Boxes

Download Dynamo script that makes 2 boxes that can be converted to a generative design to transform it a generative design you need a dynamo 2.5  and Revit 2021 to see the tutorial about generative Design click [[[[Here]]]]

Download : Copy Values from a Parameter to Another

This is a very simple routine that copies values between different Revit parameters, using Dynamo script. Let’s say that you entered parameters values into many Revit family instances in our project just to realize that it should be on another parameter. Or you might want to put the same information […]

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