Hello everyone and welcome to this new python tutorial !!!

Today’s videos is about some things  that I found really interesting in controlling strings!!

The first set method that we goanna check out is  of   knowing if the provided string character is a number or letter !

The second set of methods is to convert alphabetic characters to numeric code and vice versa.

To explain this or to put is application, we will try to build a counter that understands if the input is a letter or number and then and continue the count in this criteria

So without futher due lets dive in;

Out first methods are   the “isdigit()” and “isalpha()”

And now that we understood how to differentiate between letters and numbers

Lets create the counter!!!

  1. For the numbers there is no problems, we ll just create a loop 
  2. For the second part where the input is a letter,,,,   there where it gets tricky

First we will use the ord() function to get the character code

And now that we got a number there is no problem

Lets create a normal loop and within this loop we will convert the number back to a letter

One final step is to insure that when the counter reaches “Z”  it will restart back to “A”

Source Code

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